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About Me & My Work

Stephanie Korver

I am passionate about marketing information using eye-catching and professional ways, just as a chef is passionate about creating a meal that brings people joy. As a military spouse who moved often, I would turn to the internet for information about my new community. Most of the time, if a business had a poor website, poor reviews, or was not being talked about in a positive light on social media, they did not get my time or spending dollars. I noticed that other spouses struggled with finding the information they were looking for as well, and I felt good about sharing events and activities on military spouse pages in my free time. Social media marketing bridged into graphic design work, and then into web design. With my personal experiences in small business management, I saw a big need for an affordable way for small business owners to have a strong online presence, and I formed SummitAMP in 2018.

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One of my first jobs as a teen was to make the posterboard signs with markers, and creativity as we built my father's auction and real estate business. On auction day, I hopped up next to my dad on the hay rack, listening carefully to his chant, interacting with the bidders, and being quick on my feet as the youngest ring person on the team. Learning hard work, perseverance, and pursuing my dreams, I went on to college and graduated from South Dakota State University with a Bachelors in Consumer Science. I enjoyed learning so much that I got three minors, in Sociology, Economics, and Human Development, Child & Family Studies.

My college education proved to be valuable, but not in the way that I had expected it would. As my husband and I raised our children and lived a life of service in the Air Force, we moved often from state to state and country to country. With the constant change and his demanding schedule, I volunteered, managed the household, and ran home-based businesses instead of committing to a full-time job. Instead of being concerned with building a resume, I initiated new programs, helped others understand their resources, and took care of military spouses everywhere we lived.

Just as my father who paved his own path, I have always had the belief that there isn't only one way to make things happen. With a wide variety of experiences as a military spouse, I am now able to bring a wealth of knowledge, creativity, and energy to other small businesses and entrepreneurs. Just as I have cared about making sure military spouses understand their resources, I care that small businesses are able to deliver their message to consumers in this digital age.

Marketing has always been something that I love, and with SummitAMP I am able to help a number of small businesses grow to their potential and spark their sales with Active Marketing & Promotion.

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