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Authenticity is at the core of SummitAMP, and my pricing set-up is no different. I try to give businesses what I would want, a clear understanding of what I will get and how much it will cost. Because every business’s needs are a little different, though, prices may vary depending on the situation.

To give you an idea of how much my services are going to cost you, though, I’d rather give you an idea of my reasonable rates so that you can make an informed decision about what your ROI (return on investment) will be when you choose to hire me to transform the marketing of your business.

Social Media Marketing packages start at $400 per month with custom daily posts, interactive customer engagement, and daily monitoring of customer questions or comments. Social media marketing is offered in 6 month, 9 month, or 1 year contracts.

Branding Your Business consulting is available for $500. After a free one hour strategy planning session, I will work with you and your team for a one-day session as together we discover and define your brand. We’ll make sure that your mission statement reflects your vision, unifying what others see from your logo to your website, from social media to marketing materials, addressing office environment and customer service. Sparking your team to take the ideas from there and discussing a priority list of projects, you will end the day with a plan to make sure that your organization is providing a consistent message that your clients can trust. 

Website Design & Management packages begin at only $500-$800 per website, with affordable monthly web management rates. I have experience with a variety of WordPress templates and SEO, and I can help you through every step of the process of giving your business a professional online website. 

Marketing Director packages start at $700 per month, with 6 month, 9 month, or 1 year contracts. As a remote marketing director, I will be responsive to emails from the team, providing services that are decided upon by you and your business. Some examples may include branding, social media marketing, website management and design, writing and releasing press releases, email marketing, designing print publications, blog posts, managing the online business presence including SEO, video editing, and providing ongoing marketing strategies.

Have a special event or need custom posters or a business logo? Would you like to put together a video for a graduation or wedding? I also provide hourly-based services at a reasonable rate and can turn your visions into reality. Take a look at some of my work below, and contact me at to see what I can do for you!